Sending Your First Zaprite Bitcoin Invoice

Sending Your First Zaprite Bitcoin Invoice

A quick-start guide to generating and sending a bitcoin invoice

This is the basic quick-start guide to creating an invoice with Zaprite. Once you have signed up and logged in to your account, you should be able to create and send your first invoice within a few minutes.

The basics

Every invoice requires you to add at least three pieces of information:

  1. A Recipient
  2. A Line Item
  3. A Payment Option

Let’s create our first Invoice

Step 1: Create a new Invoice

Start by clicking the New Invoice button, either in the Quick Create menu in the Dashboard, or on the Invoices page.

A new Invoice is generated.

When you create a new Invoice, you will be automatically redirected to that Invoice edit page.

Step 2: Add a Recipient

Every invoice requires a Recipient (Contact). You can either select from your existing Contacts (see image above), or add a new Contact.

Adding a new Contact to your Zaprite account.

Create a new Contact and add the required fields: Name and Email, as well as any other optional information. These details can be edited later.

Step 3: Edit Invoice Details

Add this point, you can edit any of the Invoice details—such as date, currency or terms—or leave the defaults as they are.

You can edit Invoice details or leave the defaults in place.

Step 4: Add Line Items (or existing Tasks)

The next step is to add your Line Item(s). Zaprite is also a Project Management platform, so it allows you to create Projects and Tasks. You can think of these Tasks as individual Line Items on a traditional invoice.

When you create an invoice, you have two options:

  1. Create and a new Line Item, or
  2. Assign a previously created Task.

When you select a Contact from the dropdown in the Recipient section, the Tasks section will pre-populate with any ‘open’ or ‘completed’ Tasks assigned to that particular Contact.

Adding Line Items or selecting existing Tasks.

You can click the checkbox beside each task to add or remove it from the Invoice.

If there are no Tasks available, or you would like to create a new Line Item, simply click the New Line Item button. (Note: you will need to have a Recipient selected in order to add a new Line Item.)

Add a Title and then enter the Rate and Quantity. You can also add an optional Description, which will show up on the Invoice. These details can be edited later.

Creating a new Line Item generates a new Task and automatically assigns it to the Invoice and Recipient.

Step 5: Enable Payments

Next, you’ll need to add a payment option on your Invoice. Bitcoin payments are enabled by default.

Enabling bitcoin payments by adding a new self-custody receiving address.

Remember, Zaprite is non-custodial. So you will need to have access to your own Bitcoin wallet to generate receiving addresses.

Never re-use bitcoin receiving addresses. As a privacy measure, make sure to use a newly-generated receive address for every Zaprite Invoice.

Step 6: Invoice Note

You can add an optional note for the payer, which will appear in the footer of the Invoice.

Add an optional Invoice note for the payer.

Step 7: Preview your Invoice

When you’re finished editing, make sure you look over the Invoice Preview.

The Invoice Preview shows you what your Recipient will see on the Zaprite hosted payment page.

Double-check that all details are correct, including the invoice dates, currency and totals (including any optional Tax amounts added).

Step 8: Send your Invoice

Click the Send button at the bottom of the Invoice Preview. Confirm the email address shown and then send the Invoice to your Contact for payment.

The last step is to send the Invoice to your Recipient using Zaprite’s professional email templates.

Congratulations! You’ve just sent your first invoice.

You will receive an email notification when your Recipient has paid the Invoice. You can then check your own Bitcoin wallet and make sure the incoming transaction has been confirmed.

If you haven’t already done so, you can sign-up for a free account at using just an email address.

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