Introducing Branded Invoices And Checkouts

Introducing Branded Invoices And Checkouts

You can now add custom branding to your Organization, which will update the logo and colors of your Invoices and hosted bitcoin and lightning Checkouts.

Customize your Organization settings

To customize your Organization’s branding, head to the Settings page and click the Profile tab.

Configure your Organization’s public profile and branding.

The following items can be edited:

  • Logo: Upload your Organization’s logo. Use a square (1:1) transparent PNG file for best results. This logo will appear on Invoices, Invoice PDFs, Checkouts, public profile pages and more.
    • Color: Select your brand color. This will change the CSS colors on all Zaprite public URLs as well as your Invoice PDFs.
    • Display Name: Add a public-facing display name to show at the top of your Checkouts.
    • Username: Claim a unique Zaprite username. We will use this for future features such as Lightning Addresses and public payment profile pages.

    Checkout Preview

    To see a preview of your new branded bitcoin Checkout, click the Checkouts button in the main menu.

    View a preview of your branded Checkout.

    Hosted Invoice

    When your customer clicks the link to open your hosted Invoice URL, they will now see your branding on the Invoice preview.

    Your Organization’s branding will be applied to the hosted Invoice URL.

    Hosted Checkout

    After the payer clicks the Pay Invoice button they will be directed to your Organization’s hosted Checkout. Your Display Name and Logo will be shown in the header at the top of the page and your brand color will be used for the Checkout elements.

    Your Organization’s branding shown on the hosted Checkout URL.

    Payment Flows

    Your custom branding will also be applied to the individual payment flows within the Checkout experience.

    In future, we will add the ability to remove the Zaprite branding at the bottom of the public pages for a fully branded experience.

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