How To Connect Your WooCommerce Store

How To Connect Your WooCommerce Store

With Zaprite, you can connect any WooCommerce store and use your dedicated hosted Checkout for all Order payments.

Connect your WooCommerce Store

The following is a guide on how you can connect your WooCommerce store to Zaprite to start accepting payments for your Orders through your hosted Zaprite Checkout, directly to your own wallets.

Step 1: Activate Woo Connection

The first step is to activate the Woo plugin. Visit the Connections tab in your Zaprite account and click the ‘Connect’ link under the Woo card.

Activate the Woo plugin from the Connections page in your Zaprite account.

Once activated, you will be brought to the ‘Settings’ screen to configure your connection.

Step 2: Configure your connection

2.1 Store Information

The next step involves adding some information about your Woo store:

  • Store URL: The main domain name of your store.
  • Store Name: An internal Label, shown within the Zaprite app only.
Add your WooCommerce store information.

2.2 Configure Checkout

Next, configure the Checkout that you would like to use for your Order payments. Enable/disable payment methods and/or add an optional premium to fiat payments.

Configure your Checkout payment methods.

Finally, make sure you check the acknowledgement box, then click [OK].

You’ll see your API Key on the next page. You’ll need to come back and copy this later.

If you want to disconnect your WooCommerce store you can simply click the Disconnect button and your store information will be removed from our database. You can reconnect at any time.

You can disconnect your WooCommerce store at any time.

Step 3: Enable Zaprite in WooCommerce

Now you are free to enable Zaprite as your payment gateway for your WooCommerce store.

3.1 Install Zaprite Extension

If you haven’t done so already, you’ll need to install the Zaprite Payment Gateway extension from the official WordPress directory.

  • Click Plugins > Add New Plugin.
  • Search for “zaprite” then click the Install Now button.
Install the Zaprite Payment Gateway from the official WordPress directory.

3.2 Configure Extension Settings

  • Make sure Enable Zaprite Payments is checked.
  • Choose a Payment Method Name for the Checkout.
  • Choose to hide or Show checkout image.
  • Paste in your Zaprite API Key.

The Zaprite API Key is the one generated and shown in Step 2.2 above.

When you are finished configuring the plugin settings, click Save changes.

Configuring the Zaprite Payment Gateway plugin settings.

You are now ready to accept payments for your WooCommerce store using your Zaprite hosted Checkout.

Payment Flow

Now, when your customer wants to Checkout on your WooCommerce store, they will see the Zaprite checkout option. Your customer will be redirected over to your hosted Zaprite Checkout to complete the payment.

The Zaprite checkout option will be shown on your WooCommerce Checkout page.
The Zaprite Checkout displays the pricing details for the Customer’s Order.

When the Order is paid, your customer will be redirected back to the Order Confirmation page on your WooCommerce store, where they will see a confirmation of their payment.

Your Customer is redirected back to your store’s Order Confirmation page.

WooCommerce Order History

The Order will be processed as normal within your WooCommerce store. The Order will indicate Payment via Zaprite, and will contain all the information required, including Zaprite Order information.

The Order is processed as normal in WooCommerce.

The Custom Fields section will display any associated Zaprite Order metadata, including:

  • Order ID
  • Order Link
  • Fiat Premium (if included)
Zaprite Order information is stored in the Custom Fields section of the WooCommerce Order.

Zaprite Order History

Your Zaprite account will also create associated Order and Transaction data. When a payment is detected, we’ll record it in your Transaction history for future accounting and reconciliation.

Order and Transaction data is recorded in your Zaprite account.

See it in action

To see a live demo of the WooCommerce integration, visit

Note: A video version of this guide is also available.

Help & Support

If you run into any issues connecting your WooCommerce store, or have general questions about using Zaprite, feel free to Submit a Request at or via our Twitter DMs @ZapriteApp.

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