Teams for Zaprite

Teams for Zaprite

Running a business on a bitcoin standard (or otherwise) is a team effort, and it’s our goal to model Zaprite to match your team’s workflows and responsibilities. We’re excited to announce Teams for Zaprite allowing you to collaborate with your colleagues to manage bitcoin (and fiat) payments as well as all necessary reporting. 

Most of our customers are small and medium sized businesses with enough people that a tool like Zaprite enters into several people’s workflows. Historically, the person who signed up for Zaprite has had the full responsibility to manage the account and has been a bottleneck for accountants, finance team members, co-founders, and assistants trying to fetch a report, enable a new payment method, or fire off an invoice to a contractor. We’re putting an end to bottlenecks and janky shared account workflows. 

A great example of a company taking advantage of Zaprite’s new Teams functionality is Bitcoin Park, a Nashville, TN based co-working and events space focused on grassroots freedom tech for bitcoiners. Bitcoin Park utilizes both Invoices and Payment Links to operate their co-working memberships, work with contractors who prefer bitcoin payments, and sell tickets to events.

Rod Roudi, co-founder of Bitcoin Park explained:

“Zaprite has been invaluable for Bitcoin Park and we’ve been a happy (and power) user of the platform since soon after its launch. As a multipreneur and co-owner of a small but growing business, I aim to work myself out of critical workflows by delegating as much as I can in order to scale. Zaprite adding teams comes at the perfect time for Bitcoin Park’s growth, and gives us confidence that Zaprite will continue to iterate on their product in a way that matches our workflows and needs.”

Rod Roudi, co-founder of Bitcoin Park

With the addition of Teams, companies big and small can collaborate together on bitcoin payments without sacrificing usability and interrupting critical team workflows. Here is how it works:

Invite Team Members

In the left hand navigation, go to Settings and Team.

Manage your Team Members in the new Teams settings tab.

Invite a New Team Member 

On the Teams page, click the [ + Invite User ] button to send an invitation by email. At this time, we only support roles for Owners and Admins (more on roles later).

Inviting a Team Member to your Organization.

The new team member will receive an email invitation to join the Organization. Once they’ve joined, the owner can promote any invited new team member to replace them as owner, or revoke access to anyone invited.

Editing a Team Member on Zaprite.


With the addition of Teams, we realize a single user or account may be associated with more than one Organization, which means you can also have multiple accounts with one email login. We have many customers with multiple accounts for different businesses or for business and personal use. Historically, each have had to open separate accounts with unique emails, but now can simplify their lives with one log-in to access and manage multiple accounts. We handle this by allowing you to switch between Organizations at the top of the left hand navigation. 

Switching between Organizations in your Zaprite account.

Future of Teams

With this release, we are only supporting two roles, Owners and Admins. Admins have all privileges of an owner except that they cannot make another Admin an Owner, cannot remove an Owner, and cannot delete an account. This is ideal for highly trusted business colleagues that have critical work with Zaprite. In the future, we will support more roles with narrower permissions.

While adding team members is currently free, we will begin charging for Teams in May 2024, at a cost of $5/month for each incremental user (20% discount on an annual plan). This grace period allows us time to gather feedback and improve the Teams feature before any additional charges apply.

How-To Guide

Note: A video version of this guide is also available.

Help and Support

If you run into any issues with Teams, or have general questions about using Zaprite, feel free to Submit a Request at or via our Twitter DMs @ZapriteApp.

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