Opening Zaprite’s API & Webhooks

Opening Zaprite’s API & Webhooks

Over the past few months we’ve onboarded 10 customers to a beta version of Zaprite’s API. During that time we’ve received invaluable feedback on what endpoints are most needed, and what the future development of the API should look like.

What we’re left with is a battle tested API and Webhooks product, and an appetite to take direction from a new cohort of customers who want to accept bitcoin for their businesses. If you’re one of those businesses, we’re opening up API access to a further 20 companies. Simply visit the Settings section to request access in the Zaprite app under Settings > API.

API access is now available by request.

Our goal is to develop the API piecemeal through direct customer feedback. We’ve noticed a variety of use cases so far, from simple checkout integrations into custom webstores, to CRM integrations, to accounting specific webhooks. We want to hear from you how we can best serve your business needs.

With that said, what exists today is simple and powerful, particularly if you’ve built your own e-commerce setup instead of using platforms like Shopify or WooCommerce. You can simply create new orders to send customers to your custom branded Zaprite Checkout. This includes everything the Zaprite app and integrations with e-commerce platforms contain. Everything that makes Zaprite great holds true when you use our API, being able to receive payments to a variety of custodial and non-custodial lightning and bitcoin wallets, as well as the fiat options currently supported. You can add fiat premiums (and soon bitcoin discounts) to get the full featured Zaprite experience for your custom store. 

Managing your API Keys and Webhook URLs in Zaprite.

We believe it’s important that Zaprite comes to you: your existing store, your existing wallet; and expanding our API is integral to seeing this vision come to fruition. We’re excited to open the API up to new customers, and we’d love to hear what you think. The API is currently free to use as an additional feature to your standard monthly or annual subscription. After the beta period, there will be an additional charge for API access.

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If you run into any issues requesting access, or setting up the API, feel free to Submit a Request at

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